Welcome to tonymorrell.com. I have crafted this site to showcase my art. Wether it's my tattoos or fine art; here is the place where one can get an inside look. Please visit my portfolio section which contains photos of my work spanning from 2001 to present day. Many of these photos display work that gives a broad view of my diverse tattoo style. Also in the Portfolio section are examples of my drawings, paintings and pages from various sketch books.

My about section has a little overview of myself and my history. I didn't want to go into great detail about myself since I would rather have my art speak for me.

In the contact section my contact info resides for those interested in contacting me about a tattoo. I will keep this section posted to inform the public of where I will be tattooing through out the year and any special appearances or conventions that I may be attending. Please be patient with my responses due to my busy work schedule I don't always have the luxury to jump on the web and check my e-mails on a daily bases, but don't worry I will do my best to get back in touch with each and everyone of you.

Thanks for visiting my site, sit back and take in the work.I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Tony Morrell

Tattoos and so much more...

Tony Morrell's interest in tattoos was sparked in early childhood by the script-style work sported by his dear uncle Rolando (aka Menga). Always drawing as a boy, he kept art a priority in his studies from elementary school through high school.

Born in Panama and eventually settling in Arlington, VA, his love of DC and NYC hardcore, punk rock music and subculture guided him to his inevitable profession. One night at a party in Fairfax, VA, he met a cute punk rock girl with a snazzy piece of work by James Marlowe. The caliber of work impressed him so much that he decided he had to learn as much as he could about tattoos and tattooing.

Like many artists before him, he started working out of his home, building his following of clients from the local music scene. From 1993-1994, he worked at Explosive Tattoos in Salisbury, MD, and then packed his gear and went back home to tattoo in Panama.

After a short period of time, he opened up his own studio in Panama City, Panama. In 1996, he left the studio in the capable hands of his brother Toby, so he could come back to the states and join the Jinxproof team in Washington, DC.

Tony currently works out of Jinxproof 10 months of the year, filling the remainder at his studio in Panama.


Below is a sample of some of the tattoos, paintings and drawings I have produced. Please look through them to get an idea of the style of work I do. Just because you might not see it here does not mean I can not create the ideal tattoo for you.

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Tattoo 1


Painting 1


Sketch 1


Tattoo 2


Painting 2


Sketch 2


Tattoo 3


Painting 3


Tattoo 9


Painting 4


Sketch 5


Tattoo 4


Sketch 3


Tattoo 8


Sketch 6


Painting 5


Tattoo 5


Sketch 7


Tattoo 6


Sketch 4


Tattoo 7


After Care

Once the tattoo is done, leave the bandage, wrapping on for 4 hours (I know you want to show off your "brand new tattoo", but DO NOT remove the bandage immediately after getting tattooed.

Wash the tattoo 3 times per day, followed by applying a thin film of the ointment on the freshly tattooed area for the first 4 days.

Wrap the tattooed area with plastic wrap or cellophane at night for the first 3 nights, after applying the ointment. Make sure to remove the plastic when you get out of bed in the morning and take a shower. By not removing the plastic, you risk developing a rash or infection.

  • After the 4th day, start using a skin lotion like Lubriderm or Curel.
  • DO NOT pick any scabs or skin flakes.
  • DO NOT touch the healing tattoo with dirty hands.
  • Avoid direct sunlight for 1 month.
  • Avoid pools, chlorine, and baths for 2 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not take offense to any of the suggestions in the FAQ section. Not everything listed applies to you. I just feel if its mentioned then there is no need to cover it.


    Make sure you are well rested, well hydrated, and have eaten recently. Aside from that, take a shower, charge your phone or tablet up to full, and don’t bring in your 50 closest friends (1-2 are fine).

  • It’s more important to be comfortable than to be fashionable. Looser is better than tighter, and keep in mind you want to be able to cover up certain places that might show, depending on where you're getting your tattoo.

  • First thing, come talk to us. The best large pieces always BEGIN with a cohesive plan, not just bits and pieces loosely tied together. We can do a sleeve or back piece with existing work in place, but it will ALWAYS look better when you come in with a plan and allow the same artist to help bring that plan to fruition for you. Along those same lines, it’s going to take multiple session and cost you $1,000 or more dollars to even come close to doing a sleeve. So plan ahead and save your money so that you can tackle these large pieces as they are investments and commitments.

    • Take a shower
    • Don’t bring your kids. No really, don’t bring them.
    • Bring all of the necessary documentation
    • Good work costs money - so bring it!
    • Eat before you come in!
    • If you’re diabetic plan for a crash (and prepare yourself!)
    • Your idea may not be able to be tattooed
    • Just because you saw it on Pinterest doesn’t make it a good tattoo
    • Don’t put words with pictures - we’re going to try to talk you out of it because of that whole “a picture is worth 1000 words” thing

  • You should not get tattooed when you are:

    • Drunk
    • High
    • Pregnant
    • Pre-Surgery
    • Post-Surgery
    • When you don’t know what you want
    • When you can’t afford it
    • When you’re sunburned
    • When you haven’t showered
    • When you have your kids with you
    • If you don’t have an ID
    • Being pressured into it
    • When you’ve been told by us that your idea is bad


Please feel free to contact me with any comments or concerns you may have. I will do my best to get back in touch with you in a timely manner.

Jinx Proof:

3289 M Street, NW Washington, DC 20007
1.202337.JINX (5469)

Panama Tattoo Studio:

Calle 61 La Loceria Panama City, Panama

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