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Welcome to I have crafted this site to showcase my art. Wether it's my tattoos or fine art; here is the place where one can get an inside look. Please visit my tattoo gallery which contains photos of my work spanning from 2001 to present day. Many of these photos display work that gives a broad view of my diverse tattoo style. If you travel over to my art gallery you can view examples of my drawings, paintings and pages from various sketch books.

My history section has a little overview of myself and my history. I didn't want to go into great detail about myself since I would rather have my art speak for me.

In the contact section my contact info resides for those interested in contacting me about a tattoo. I will keep this section posted to inform the public of where I will be tattooing through out the year and any special appearances or conventions that I may be attending. If you feel like contacting please refer to the e-mail link in the contact section. Please be patient with my responses due to my busy work schedule I don't always have the luxury to jump on the web and check my e-mails on a daily bases, but don't worry I will do my best to get back in touch with each and everyone of you.

Thanks for visiting my site, sit back take in the work and I hope you enjoyed yourself.

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