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Once the tattoo is done, leave the bandage, wrapping on for 4 hours (I know you want to show off your "brand new tattoo", but DO NOT remove the bandage immediately after getting tattooed.

Wash the tattoo 3 times per day, followed by applying a thin film of the ointment on the freshly tattooed area for the first 4 days.

Wrap the tattooed area with plastic wrap or cellophane at night for the first 3 nights, after applying the ointment. Make sure to remove the plastic when you get out of bed in the morning and take a shower. By not removing the plastic, you risk developing a rash or infection.

After the 4th day, start using a skin lotion like Lubriderm or Curel.

DO NOT pick any scabs or skin flakes.

DO NOT touch the healing tattoo with dirty hands.

Avoid direct sunlight for 1 month.

Avoid pools, chlorine, and baths for 2 weeks.

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