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Tony Morrell's interest in tattoos was sparked in early childhood by the script-style work sported by his dear uncle Rolando (aka Menga). Always drawing as a boy, he kept art a priority in his studies from elementary school through high school.

Born in Panama and eventually settling in Arlington, VA, his love of DC and NYC hardcore, punk rock music and subculture guided him to his inevitable profession. One night at a party in Fairfax, VA, he met a cute punk rock girl with a snazzy piece of work by James Marlowe. The caliber of work impressed him so much that he decided he had to learn as much as he could about tattoos and tattooing.

Like many artists before him, he started working out of his home, building his following of clients from the local music scene. From 1993-1994, he worked at Explosive Tattoos in Salisbury, MD, and then packed his gear and went back home to tattoo in Panama.

After a short period of time, he opened up his own studio in Panama City, Panama. In 1996, he left the studio in the capable hands of his brother Toby, so he could come back to the states and join the Jinxproof team in Washington, DC.

Tony currently works out of Jinxproof 10 months of the year, filling the remainder at his studio in Panama.

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